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Raspberry Pi In-car computer
This idea of this project was to utilise the strength and versatility of the Raspberry Pi by creating a powerful in-car computer with a stylish and easy to use interface. The mockup shows features such as voice activiation, music and film streaming and a dynamic GPS system alongside core functions expected in a car such as fuel diagnostics.
Flash Game - Deserted
A desert themed top-down shooter developed in ActionScript 3 and Adobe Flash CS5. Features multiple levels, a shop, upgradeable items and replenishable ammunition and health.

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A collection of my personal photography from various locations around the world including Australia, Japan and the US.

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Kinect Gallery

An interactive application developed using Processing and Kinect with the intention of allowing art galleries to show a virtual display of the pieces in their collection. It allows users to curate a themed collection by browsing and selecting from similary themed pieces of art. Shown above is a prototype for a possible mobile website.
Facebook Fanaticism
A web-based project created to aggregate the most outlandish anti-facebook opinions and display a counter arguement in the form of a commentary of the arguements and a web video of their best parts.

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Suggest App Concept
A concept for a web and mobile application designed to aggregate users' preferences and data from their existing accounts with other services and tailor film, television, music, book and video game suggestions to those tastes.
Paranormal Library

A collaborative hypermedia project. A website where the user can view a 'live stream' of CCTV cameras from a University library and attempt to spot any abnormal activity.

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Video Bumper
An animated paper cut-out style video created to quickly explain who I am, the things that I do and most importantly to promote my professional online portfolio.
Digital Tattoo
An image of my hand super-imposed with words and logos of the things I enjoy the most in life.
Business Card Website
A small business card style website designed to give a quick overview of the person that I am, what I do and give access to my contact details across various social networks.

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Social Semantic App
This is a concept for a web application to be built into existing social networking platforms. It works with emerging web semantics to bring people together by analysing what users are doing and talking about and how that can link people with similar interests who wouldn't normally come into contact with eachother.

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